High Gravity World Born

Description: You were born on a world of higher then normal gravity. The genetic alterations of the first colonists has been passed to you in a small measure.

Benefit: You gain a +1 bonus to your strength and your base height is reduced by 3 inches.

Special: These benefits stack with the planetary adaptation feat. You my take the ground pounder template, Fortified Skeleton (d20 Future pg.197) or Gravitic Implant ( Cybernetics) at -2 Purchase DC with a -1 to its psychosomatic Baseline Effect. You may only take one of the options with said bonus. Alternatively, at level one, you may take Exoskeleton (d20 Future pg.204-5) or Skeletal Reinforcement (d20 Future pg.207) at half MP cost rounded up with a -1 to a single mutations psychosomatic Baseline Effect.

Note: You may not take [Low Gravity World Born] or any non-compatible specific planet background. If you take the Planetary Adaptation feat, you may not chose Low-G.


High Gravity World Born

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