Dark World Born

Description: You were born and raised on one of the “Black Worlds.” Many of the first colonists underwent genetic alteration in order to adapt to this new environment, and some of those alterations live on in you, and you find yourself naturally able to see in the dark.

Benefit: You gain black and white Darkvision out to 30 feet.

Normal: You can’t see in total darkness.

Special: These benefits stack with the planetary adaptation feat. You may take the Nocturnal Template (d20 Future pg.90), Parabolic Audio (d20 Cyberscape pg.27, or Sonar Skin (d20 Cyberscape pg.35) at -2 Purchase DC with a -1 to its psychosomatic Baseline Effect. You may only take one of the options with said bonus. Alternatively, at level one, you may take ?(d20 Cyberscape pg.205), ?, or ? (d20 Cyberscape pg.209) at half MP cost rounded up with a -1 to a single mutations psychosomatic Baseline Effect.

Note: If the alternate special feature is used 1 MP mutations can be paired if another 1 MP cost mutation is available to you through another Background or trait.


Dark World Born

The Lost Dameon