The Lost

The Wall

Immortality in Memory

The underwritten is a digital memorial to those who marched with us, or without us into battle and never returned. It is a remembrance of brave souls robbed of their time in this universe. It is our resistance to the ever-present force of death in the world, that no man or woman shall truly perish forever. These are friends. These are allies. These are immortal, and we shall not relinquish them from our memories.

Dr. Jacob Mercer – Brilliant scientist, dedicated researcher, caring doctor.

Petty Officer First Class Akio Iwata – Demolitions Specialist, bright, quiet and quick to master any pursuit.

Lieutenant Thomas “Tommy” Daniels – Unfaltering character, inspiring leader, beloved husband and father.

Chief Petty Officer Michael Jennings – Close Quarters Expert, tough as nails, honest to a fault, beloved husband.

Petty Officer First Class Rio Chaves – Support Specialist, Expert Marksman, devoted man of God.

[OOC: The list goes on, detailing the names and descriptions of the dead. Some names you recognize regularly, others are vaguely familiar, some you may have no recollection of at all.]

The above are heroes, dying in pursuit of the betterment of humanity, immortalized within our memories and upon this memorial.



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