The TPE Water Mark

     Be it from duty, honor, wanderlust, greed, or pursuit of knowledge, all of you have found your way to the TPE Water Mark. Some may be life long military; others are scientists within the the Terra Prime Concorde; Still others are business magnates from the TPC or High Seat; some are even volunteers from the Lost Colony Planet or the Defiant Worlds Planets, but all are members of the Water Mark, a truly cutting edge vessel that is one of a handful of gravitic drive capable Carriers. The TPC drew from such a wide pool because little is known about what is to be expected out in the black. The far flung Lost Colonies are to be your destination, and most have not been heard from in over a hundred and fifty years. Your mission is to boldly go where others have gone before: Galaxies far, far away. Your test will be returning from where others could not or would not. Regardless of where you come from, you will be tested beyond your measure, outside of your comfort zones: The fighter will run into phenomena that a scientist would be hard pressed to overcome, the scientist will find himself in situation where it is one’s mouth that can save one’s skin, the fast talking businessmen mogul will find situations that can’t be talked out of, and versatile explorer will find she does not all ways have the right tools for the job, but the man or woman at your side might. Your survival will be about who you know and, especially, about who you trust.