Randos 1

Biography Brief

      Randos 1 was an American colony before the Colonies War. As such, it suffered very little internal strife during the onset of the Colonies War. With the reconstruction of the new Switzerland origin gate, it has been confirmed that the receiving gate is still intact. It is for this reason and the transition received before the destruction of the origin gate that Randos 1 was chosen for the Watermark’s first mission.

      Rondos 1 was has not reestablished communication since the fall of the gate. We are not sure if they are unable or unwilling, and it is possible that they are are all dead. The last transmission was concerning the Rondos CDC (Center for Disease Control). The CDC was targeted by saboteurs; it is assumed that they were insurgence form one of the countries at war with the United States, but it was never claimed by any other nation or organization. Regardless, the CDC was compromised through a series of explosions. Several category 5 contagions were believed to be released. Personal will be abridged as to the specifics of these contagions dependent upon their need.


Primary Planet Information

Condition: Lost
Type: low light/“contaminated”
Day: 23.25 hours
Diameter: _________ miles
Land/Sea Ratio: ___:___
Continents: ___
Gravity: 1.01 Earth Gravity

Atmosphere:: Human Breathable

Moons:: 1
1 smaller planet

Sun Type: __________

  • Year: ______ Earth years
  • Radius: ___.__M Miles


Progress Level: PL ___
Population: ____________(Last Known: May 8th, 3220)
Nationalities: American;
Nations (Governments):
Capitals and Major Cities:
Industry: (this can be agricultural, mining, military, etc.)

General Information

Highest Point:
Lowest Land Point:
Lowest Sea Point:


  1. Confirm condition of colonists
  2. Reestablish communication (if survivors are found)
  • Mission will update as Intel is collected

Notable Animal life: Large predetorial creatures
Weather patterns: High winds

Randos 1

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