Hit Points and Non-lethal Damage

Hit Points:

A level one character starts with 25 + 1/2 the max class die mod + her Constitution modifier. She then augments this each level by adding her Con Mod + ½ her class die roll for levels 2 and 3. From level 4 and on, she uses the full roll bonus from the class health die. If a character’s Con Mod changes, she gains/looses the change x her level.
When a character’s hit point total drops to 0, he or she is disabled. When it drops to –1, he or she is dying. When it drops to –10 or lower, the character is dead.

Non-lethal Damage:

Non-lethal damage is equal to the characters level plus his constitution Score. A Character does not loose non-lethal damage on a point by point system, but only looses one per hit resolution. When trying to knock out a character, the attacker must exceed the targets current non-lethal damage. If successful, the target makes a fortitude check (DC 10 plus any damage done over the targets current non-lethal damage). On a failed check, the target falls unconscious. If the damage done is less than the target can handle, or the target succeeds his fortitude save, she takes one point off her current non-lethal damage.
Non-lethal damage is recovered at one point per minute.
Special Note: The concussion damage type does half the damage in non-lethal damage to all effected targets successfully hit.

House Rules

Hit Points and Non-lethal Damage

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