This is a list and details of a number of equipment we have come up with for this campaign.

Auto Snow and Ice Shelter

This device was originally intended for colonist use, but once rescue services, military and mountaineers found out about it, they all wanted something so small and simple to use.
Used first in late PL6 it served as an easy way to get out of the harsh environments of unknown worlds and stay hidden from the beasts that had natural IR sight. still used today but in much smaller and faster at working, it takes the top of the charts in number of lives saved in in freezing conditions. Rescue operators will use once they get to a victim in freezing conditions, then pull one out and wait for a storm to pass or dangerous animals to move on.
The Auto Snow and Ice Shelter, commonly incorrectly referred to as the Auto Igloo, This small device weighing in at 3.5 lbs has enough power to create an ice shelter for up to 4 people. when needed, it can be programmed with the number of people using it, then just be thrown on the snow without regard to the conditions of the snow. it senses the area and then either indicates that there is not enough room for the cave, or starts to burrow sideways and at a slant into the snow. in 20 minuets (+5 minutes for every person after the first) there is a snow cave ready for the programmed number of people. the floor is textured to prevent slipping and the walls and ceiling are sturdy.
This device works by using a combination of low tech nanites, lasers, and a miniature environmental generator. it will heat and chill the snow/ice until it all gets to the right size. being so small and light, this device only has enough energy for one use, no matter how many people it is programmed for. While in the ice cave, occupants gain a +10 to fort saves to resist becoming hypothermic.
PL: 6
Restrictions: None
Purchase DC: 16

Crystal Fiber

Crystal Fiber is a material commonly found in cables, ropes, and strings in the gravity age. It is much stronger than duracable; lighter than rope of half the same strength; completely weather proof; behaves like stiff cotton rope; feels like smooth polypropylene.
Perhaps the largest advantage is that it is very difficult to cut. It takes twice as long to cut with a regular knife, but diamond cutting tools cut it in normal time.
PL: 7
Restrictions: None
Purchase DC: varies

Gravidic Refrigeration

     Gravidic manipulators fine tuned to effect matter at a thermal level have proven to be very effective in refrigeration. The devices are much smaller than their chemical counterparts for the same effectiveness and do not require the use of toxic gases. The technology comes in many different forms: Rods, cylinders, torres’, plates, sheets, and blocks. They come from being pencil sized for casual picnic to filling 3 story buildings used for industrial use.

     The technology works in two ways. First by creating a thermal “barrier” that resists thermal change to the material inside from the outside environment. The second is to pull out the thermal energy and exhaust it to the outside environment. The effectiveness of the device depends on the size, and at least 30% of it must be exposed to the outside environment. The gadget can cool anything within its given limits to -100F. Battery operated devices typically can sustain the temperature for 48 hours so long as the out side temperature does not exceed + 200F. If the temperature does exceed 200F, then the battery must work 10% harder for every 20 degrees Fahrenheit above 200F.

The effectiveness of a grav. frige. is read in a ratio::

mass of the garv. fridge : mass of the material.

Size of Grav. Frige. Ratio Approximate Device Mass Examples of Device Mass
Deminuative 1:1 One Ounce Pencil
Tiny 1:3 One Pound Dinner Plate
Small 1:4 Ten Pounds Big Lamp
Medium 1:5 100 Pounds Book Shelf with Books
Large 1:6 Two Tons Full Mini Van
Huge 1:8 Ten Tons Full Trash Truck
Gargantuan 1:10 100 Tons Passenger Train
Colossal 1:15 1000 Tons 5 Story Building

     The effect of a grav. frige. can be reversed by turning the device around and making a DC 20 repair check to change the direction of the thermal barrier. The Tolerable range becomes -50 Fahrenheit with 10% less effectiveness per 5 Degrees Fahrenheit.
PL: 7
Restrictions: None
Purchase DC: varies


The GUBA, or Gravidic Underwater Breathing Apparatus, has a chest pack, backpack, and full face mask. It is full of sensors and computer that all work together to keep a
user safe and generally comfortable.

The chest section hold the nitrogen (up to 30 hours) and H2O separator, which separates water molecules from H2O to H and O and O. the oxygen is added to the nitrogen mix properly for human breathing. The hydrogen is used to make power for the Gravidic Capacitors, or “GC’s,” that hold the nitrogen.

The back section contains an environment generator, and Gravidic Capacitors. This GC acts as the buoyancy compensation and the portable environment generator keeps the area around the user comfortable. The rig also changes the pressure of the water immediately around the user to 1.1 bar (about 5 feat deep in water on earth). If the user exceeds 30 feet deep, the GC then off sets the pressure as it goes down by 25’ plus a percentage set by the user as she descends. The higher the GC is set, the lower she can go without being crushed, but on the flip side, the battery drains faster. (see the chart that Phillip Cash has made).

The full face mask (FFM) uses a HUD to provide the user with information about the condition of the equipment, the water conditions both inside the “bubble” and out, and location information using GPS and reletive locations to way points and other divers. A com-link keeps her in contact with others and the user can talk and breath normally. The FFM uses a low tech nanite colony to bind the sealing surface of the mask to the users skin to keep water from getting in (a push button operation).

The rig also sports a number of load bearing D rings for users to clip thins into; a waterproof writing tablet for notes; a ceramic, blunt tip (for safety) knife for cutting lines that pose tangling dangers; wrist mounted, head mounted and back mounted lights; and fins to aid in swimming (provide a +2 to swim checks and + 5’ to swim speed). The rig comes with a Dry Suit, but is designed to be placed over any clothing or armor.

Note: With this rig, the user never has to worry about The Bends, as it will regulate the change in pressure even as the use ascends (unless the user breaches the surface). For more info on The Bends, see this wiki.

Special: with 30 minutes of work (Craft: Mech and Elec DC 20) and the addition of a compression suit and oxygen tank, this can also be used for space walking or otherwise low atmosphere conditions. The rig lasts for 1/3 the time under these conditions. The suit does not provide any armor bonus, but does incur a – 1 armor check penalty that is not doubled for use in water.
PL: 7
Restrictions: None
Purchase DC: 24

Hologram Distortion Field Generator

this device emits a disruption field that makes all holograms within a 100 foot radius unusable, and within a 300 foot radius difficult to use. The Holograms must be in line of sight.
PL: 7
Restrictions: None
Purchase DC: 20

Randomizing Laser Grenada

Range Increment: 10’
This grenade holds many of the mechanics of most grenades, except that it lasts for several rounds. Upon landing after being thrown, it deploys several smaller covers and opens up its random direction laser weapon. It then fires 40 times in random directions for 3 rounds. every round, a character within range (60’ radius) must make a reflex roll (DC 18) or take 1d10 fire damage. A successful save halves the damage.
For an additional + 1 to the PDC, the grenade can distinguish when an “TAG’ed” ally comes into range, thus discontinuing to fire in the direction of the ally. The tag can be a shepherd chip, tracking beacon, or on person computer so long as the device is emitting the right codes and the grenade is programmed to accept them.
PL: 6
Restrictions: None
Purchase DC: 17

Liquid Rope

Essentially practical use, silly string on steroids, this light synthetic material is liquid when first created. an electrical charge is added, it becomes fiberous and cohesive. The fibers are stronger than spider silk and hold up to 500 pounds for a 5mm strand. A standard five pound can holds up to 1000 feet worth of rope. A setting change causes the rope to come out twice the diameter and three times as strong (1500 lbs), but uses four times the amount of material.

Chemical Craft DC: 28
Purchase DCs:
12 (5 lb can)
14 (15 lb can)
18 (50 lb can)

PL: 6
Restrictions: None
Purchase DC: See Above

Nanite Multi-Tool

This smart nanite colony comes in a 2" by 2" by 7" block weighing approximately 2.5 pounds (0.09lbs per inch cubed) and can take the form known tools including motor tools. The nanites can form into any tool within the mass limits by changing into a gelatinous state, form into the correct tool, then changes back into a solid form (a move action equivalent). It comes with a computer control module and a gravidic manipulator. The gravidic manipulator allows the nanites to be more effective as hammers and breaker bars. A new tool can be programmed in with a DC18 computer use check. When given a command and touched to an object, it can detect the object and know what size of a given tool type to make. They have a hardness of 10 and 10 hit points when in solid form. Tools have a break DC of 25, except when they are forced in a proper way for the current tool (DC35). If the tool is broken, the pieces can be touched together and form back together (a full round action). The tool can take any intensity of EMP while in solid form, but any EMP while they are gelatinous will permanently deactivate them. It can take temperatures from -200F to 400F while in solid form. If the tools tries to change while less than -40F or greater than 200F, the effected nanites immediately deactivate until they have come bake to tolerable temperatures.

The tool can even split into multiple tools, however, the tools must be much smaller. Several colonies can be added together to create larger tools. The nanites cannot work to emit energy. No flash lights, soldering irons, sensors, or welding. The gravidic manipulator can be used as a magnet like device, but all material is effected by it. The tools comes programmed with a huge range of tools for mechanical, structural, electronic, medical, and chemical uses. Even some survival tools like fishing hooks, a fork to eat with, or pool to hold a tent up. Using this tools gives a character an effective full size tool kit for mechanical, electrical, chemical, and structural crafting; repair checks; and medical checks, removing the -4 a character would suffer for not having tools. When combined with a mechanicomp, medicomp, chemicomp or electrocomp (as appropriate), it can analyze a situation where a tool is needed, but no tool necessarily exists to do the exact task needed, then create a tool perfect for the job giving a +2 circumstance bonus to the check. Given the time to change between tools and that several tools may be needed at the same time to accomplish a task, the time to finish a check takes 25% longer.

PL: 7
Restrictions: None
Purchase DC: 20

Neutralizer Cuffs

These simple metal hand cuffs do all the normal things that regular cuffs do (keep the detainees hands tied up) but also boast a small stun gun and injector unit (3 doses) built right into the frame. The operator with the remote can deliver a high charge to the cuffs at any time or inject the detainee with what ever the injector unit is supplied. For humanitarian reasons, this is limited to one, one second jolt every 6 seconds. If the jolt is given, the detainee takes 1d2 damage and must succeed a DC15 Fort save or be stunned for 1d3 rounds.

These also come in a hands-ankle-neck set up. The DC to save against the stun gun is increased to 18 and a sonic nauseater is added to the collar. The user can activate the nauseater any time once a round and it will stay on for 3 rounds. The detainee must save against a fortitude save DC 14+2 per round for 3 rounds. If they fail once, the character becomes nauseated for 2d6 rounds, and if they fail a second time while nauseated they become sickened for 2d6 rounds from the last round.

The cuffs go for a purchase DC of 13 (16 for full body) with a restriction of Licensed (+1). They have a hardness of 10 and 8 hit points. To break out of them requires a strength check of DC 30 or a disable device check of DC 35. The battery has 10 uses.
PL: 6
Restrictions: None
Purchase DC: 18

Solid Static Field

A solid Static Field aligns and holds a high density of electrons. The field is invisible to the human eye. When the field is active, the edges of the field make a very quiet hum (~DC25 to be heard). When first activated the field is distorted and noisy until all the electrons can come into alignment. This takes about 0.25 seconds. For that time, someone can see and hear the field activate. This technology comes out in PL8.

The field resists change to its structure in many ways:
Light: Low intensity light (what people see on all the time) passes through without any visual effect, but high intensity light (Lasers, flash bang light) is heavily diffused, to the point that it no longer does damage or other effects.
Plasma: Plasma is super charged electrons and other matter. The electrons already in the field resist change, but some plasma may get through. A plasma round suffers 50% reduction in damage for every field it passes through. The gravity well does not change, however.
Gravity: Gravity items are not effected by the field.
Matter: All matter cannot pass through the field unless it can succeed in a DC30 Strength Check. This breaks the field until anything in the way of the field is removed. the Field then returns to normal.
Electricity: Electricity (including lightning bolts) cannot pass through the field.
Heat: Thermal change through the field is impossible.

The field is always in contact with its source generator which can come in many forms. When several generators are near each other and in line, they work with each other to create a field more than twice the size of just one of them:
Wall: A wall field is created with a simple 12 inch by 12 inch block device about 6 feet long. The field can project out to 10 feet from the source. Two of them facing each other can create a wall up to 50 feet in length. Side by side, they can create a wall 15 feet wide (+ 3 feet).
Ribbon: Like the wall, but 3 inches in width and can project out to 30 feet in four right angle directions (100 feet with two facing each other).
Fan: A fan type creates a semi circle of the field 10 feet from the source generator. The generator is a dome like device 6 inches tall and 18 inches in diameter. Fans in line can create a number of different looks depending on how they are aligned. they can create fields 20% larger when near each other.
Cylindrical: A half circle device 9 inches deep and 12 inches wide creates a semi cylinder field. Two can be set next to each other to create a complete cylinder, or up to 5 feet away from each other to make an elongated cylinder. facing one another, they semi cylinder can be up to 50 feet long.
Bobble: Like the fan field, but the fan is slightly bent inward, creating a third of a dome. 3 of these can crate a full dome.

Two fields cannot cross each other. The first one will remain as normal, but a second one will simply terminate at the next field. This will cause a slight visual and audible distortion. A field cannot penetrate solid objects. When it comes into contact with a solid object, it is distorted at the point of contact and create visual and audible disruptions. It can penetrate any fluid.

PL: 8
Restrictions: None
Purchase DC: varies

Tac-Mil Survival Knife

This is an 8" Tonto style dura-steel Knife. It has the following features:
Heats up to 250 degrees F to boil and purify water or cauterize wounds
Vibro cutting edge helps cut wood and metal
Advancements in simple nanite technology make this knife self-sharpening
An electro-shocking system helps with lighting fires and acts like a stun gun (20 uses)
Chemical compounds built into the metal can light up the knife edge significantly enough to be used as a flash light.
The handle is wrapped in 50 feet of 1/8th inch dura-cable
The handle is hollowed some and contains a set of 5 violet ration pills, 5 hydrate pills, and 25 feet of fishing line with a hook.
The cap of the handle contains a small but functional compass.
PL: 6
Restrictions: None
Purchase DC: 13

Yeti Boot

These sleek all and synthetic boots are perfect for the ice world colonist. Snow or ice these shoes are ready to take you there.

The boots have built in crampons (spikes), ice skates, snow skis, and snow shoes. They can be changed quickly between the four with little learning curve. The spikes, blades, skis, and snow shoes fold in and out of the boot them selves, all while maintaining comfortable isolation and keeps the snow and ice out. There are also lights built into the tread and toe of the shoe to aid the user in seeing exactly where she is stepping before she steps there in the dark. They incorporate the “one size fits all” technology and include a boot knife in one and a small ice saw in the other (either can be put in either boot).

Hardness: 5; HP: 5 each; weigh 2 lbs each. The changing from one style to another takes a move action. Craft DC 25 (mechanical) and 13 (electrical).

PL: 6
Restrictions: None
Purchase DC: 8

Restrictions: None
Purchase DC:


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