Yeti Boot

All condition cold weather shoes


These sleek all and synthetic boots are perfect for the ice world colonist. Snow or ice these shoes are ready to take you there.

The boots have built in crampons (spikes), ice skates, snow skis, and snow shoes. They can be changed quickly between the four with little learning curve. The spikes, blades, skis, and snow shoes fold in and out of the boot them selves, all while maintaining comfortable isolation and keeps the snow and ice out. There are also lights built into the tread and toe of the shoe to aid the user in seeing exactly where she is stepping before she steps there in the dark. They incorporate the “one size fits all” technology and include a boot knife in one and a small ice saw in the other (either can be put in either boot).

They are available from PL6 and on; a cost of 8; hardness of 5; 5 hp each; weigh 2 lbs each. The changing from one style to another takes a move action. Craft DC 25 (mechanical) and 13 (electrical).


Yeti Boot

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