Tac-Mil Survival Knife

If MacGyver was a knife


PDC: 13
PL: 6

This is an 8" Tonto style dura-steel Knife. It uses the following stats:
Heats up to 250 degrees F to boil and purify water or cauterize wounds
Vibro cutting edge helps cut wood and metal
Advancements in simple nanite technology make this knife self-sharpening
An electro-shocking system helps with lighting fires and acts like a stun gun (20 uses)
Chemical compounds built into the metal can light up the knife edge significantly enough to be used as a flash light.
The handle is wrapped in 50 feet of 1/8th inch dura-cable
The handle is hollowed some and contains a set of 5 violet ration pills, 5 hydrate pills, and 25 feet of fishing line with a hook.
The cap of the handle contains a small but functional compass.


Tac-Mil Survival Knife

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