Solid Static Field

A solid wall of invisible force


A solid Static Field aligns and holds a high density of electrons. The field is invisible to the human eye. When the field is active, the edges of the field make a very quiet hum (~DC25 to be heard). When first activated the field is distorted and noisy until all the electrons can come into alignment. This takes about 0.25 seconds. For that time, someone can see and hear the field activate. This technology comes out in PL8.

The field resists change to its structure in many ways:
Light: Low intensity light (what people see on all the time) passes through without any visual effect, but high intensity light (Lasers, flash bang light) is heavily diffused, to the point that it no longer does damage or other effects.
Plasma: Plasma is super charged electrons and other matter. The electrons already in the field resist change, but some plasma may get through. A plasma round suffers 50% reduction in damage for every field it passes through. The gravity well does not change, however.
Gravity: Gravity items are not effected by the field.
Matter: All matter cannot pass through the field unless it can succeed in a DC30 Strength Check. This breaks the field until anything in the way of the field is removed. the Field then returns to normal.
Electricity: Electricity (including lightning bolts) cannot pass through the field.
Heat: Thermal change through the field is impossible.

The field is always in contact with its source generator which can come in many forms. When several generators are near each other and in line, they work with each other to create a field more than twice the size of just one of them:
Wall: A wall field is created with a simple 12 inch by 12 inch block device about 6 feet long. The field can project out to 10 feet from the source. Two of them facing each other can create a wall up to 50 feet in length. Side by side, they can create a wall 15 feet wide (+ 3 feet).
Ribbon: Like the wall, but 3 inches in width and can project out to 30 feet in four right angle directions (100 feet with two facing each other).
Fan: A fan type creates a semi circle of the field 10 feet from the source generator. The generator is a dome like device 6 inches tall and 18 inches in diameter. Fans in line can create a number of different looks depending on how they are aligned. they can create fields 20% larger when near each other.
Cylindrical: A half circle device 9 inches deep and 12 inches wide creates a semi cylinder field. Two can be set next to each other to create a complete cylinder, or up to 5 feet away from each other to make an elongated cylinder. facing one another, they semi cylinder can be up to 50 feet long.
Bobble: Like the fan field, but the fan is slightly bent inward, creating a third of a dome. 3 of these can crate a full dome.

Two fields cannot cross each other. The first one will remain as normal, but a second one will simply terminate at the next field. this will cause a slight visual and audible distortion.


Solid Static Field

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