Neutralizer Cuffs

Hand Cuffs that keep the assailant subdued


These simple metal hand cuffs do all the normal things that regular cuffs do (keep the detainees hands tied up) but also boast a small stun gun and injector unit (3 doses) built right into the frame. The operator with the remote can deliver a high charge to the cuffs at any time or inject the detainee with what ever the injector unit is supplied. For humanitarian reasons, this is limited to one, one second jolt every 6 seconds. If the jolt is given, the detainee takes 1d2 damage and must succeed a DC15 Fort save or be stunned for 1d3 rounds.

These also come in a hands-ankle-neck set up. The DC to save against the stun gun is increased to 18 and a sonic nauseater is added to the collar. The user can activate the nauseater any time once a round and it will stay on for 3 rounds. The detainee must save against a fortitude save DC 14+2 per round for 3 rounds. If they fail once, the character becomes nauseated for 2d6 rounds, and if they fail a second time while nauseated they become sickened for 2d6 rounds from the last round.

The cuffs go for a purchase DC of 13 (16 for full body) with a restriction of Licensed (+1). They have a hardness of 10 and 8 hit points. To break out of them requires a strength check of DC 30 or a disable device check of DC 35. The battery has 10 uses.


Neutralizer Cuffs

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