Nanite Multi-Tool

A multi-tool that does it all!


      This smart nanite colony comes in a 2" by 2" by 7" block weighing approximately 2.5 pounds (0.09lbs per inch cubed) and can take the form known tools including motor tools. The nanites can form into any tool within the mass limits by changing into a gelatinous state, form into the correct tool, then changes back into a solid form (a move action equivalent). It comes with a computer control module and a gravidic manipulator. The gravidic manipulator allows the nanites to be more effective as hammers and breaker bars. A new tool can be programmed in with a DC18 computer use check. When given a command and touched to an object, it can detect the object and know what size of a given tool type to make. They have a hardness of 10 and 10 hit points when in solid form. Tools have a break DC of 25, except when they are forced in a proper way for the current tool (DC35). If the tool is broken, the pieces can be touched together and form back together (a full round action). The tool can take any intensity of EMP while in solid form, but any EMP while they are gelatinous will permanently deactivate them. It can take temperatures from -200F to 400F while in solid form. If the tools tries to change while less than -40F or greater than 200F, the effected nanites immediately deactivate until they have come bake to tolerable temperatures.

     The tool can even split into multiple tools, however, the tools must be much smaller. Several colonies can be added together to create larger tools.

      The nanites cannot work to emit energy. No flash lights, soldering irons, sensors, or welding. The gravidic manipulator can be used as a magnet like device, but all material is effected by it. The tools comes programmed with a huge range of tools for mechanical, structural, electronic, medical, and chemical uses. Even some survival tools like fishing hooks, a fork to eat with, or pool to hold a tent up.

      Using this tools gives a character an effective full size tool kit for mechanical, electrical, chemical, and structural crafting; repair checks; and medical checks, removing the -4 a character would suffer for not having tools. When combined with a mechanicomp, medicomp, chemicomp or electrocomp (as appropriate), it can analyze a situation where a tool is needed, but no tool necessarily exists to do the exact task needed, then create a tool perfect for the job giving a +2 circumstance bonus to the check. Given the time to change between tools and that several tools may be needed at the same time to accomplish a task, the time to finish a check takes 25% longer.


Nanite Multi-Tool

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