Nanite Infused Rope (Snake Rope)

Rope With a Mind of Its Own


Duracable with this nanite colony can be remote controlled with a computer. The cable can be instructed to tie knots, move along the ground, and stand up to 75% of its length. The weight of the cable is increased by 10% and the cost is 15 for the first 50’ and increased by 1 for every 50 feet. The cable can also split apart and recombine (even with separately manufactured cables) without loosing strength. It comes pre-programmed with hundreds of knots, nets, rope ladders, splices and coils. Unknown uses may be programmed with a DC18 computer use check (many skills, including survival, climb, and profession: sailor may provide a synergy bonus).
If the rope is cut, the individual nanites are not effected, but they will not rejoin unless instructed to do so.
The rope can be controlled with either a computer or with a glove. The glove uses gestural commands to communicate the instructions of the user. with the glove, a user can use his regular skill checks to determine the commands. Using the computer requires a computer use check.
The rope has an effective Strength Score of 10 and Dexterity Score of 20.


Nanite Infused Rope (Snake Rope)

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