Mass Manipulator

Tool for changing the mass of an item


This device can change the effective mass of anything within its field. A standard device is 3 inches in diameter and one inch thick weighing 6 lbs. when not active (considered tiny on the table below). When activated, it decreases is self and anything in physical contact with it out to 2’ down to 90% of its original weight, or increases it up to 200% of its original weight. This device is seen often in gyms, mechanical garages, and some high end hobby shops.

PL: 7
PDC: 24

Other devices are available. The following table shows the effectiveness of the devices based on size.
The effectiveness of a mass manipulator is read in a ratio::

mass of the mass manipulator : mass of the material.

Size of Grav. Frige. Ratio Approximate Device Mass Examples of Device Mass
Deminuative 1:1 One Ounce Pencil
Tiny 1:3 One Pound Dinner Plate
Small 1:4 Ten Pounds Big Lamp
Medium 1:5 100 Pounds Book Shelf with Books
Large 1:6 Two Tons Full Mini Van
Huge 1:8 Ten Tons Full Trash Truck
Gargantuan 1:10 100 Tons Passenger Train
Colossal 1:15 1000 Tons 5 Story Building

Mass Manipulator

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