Laser Grenade

Disco Grenade

weapon (ranged)

PL: 6
PDC: 17
Range Increment: 10’
This grenade holds many of the mechanics of most grenades, except that it lasts for several rounds. Upon landing after being thrown, it deploys several smaller covers and opens up its random direction laser weapon. It then fires 40 times in random directions for 3 rounds. every round, a character within range (60’ radius) must make a reflex roll (DC 18) or take 1d10 fire damage. A successful save halves the damage.
For an additional + 1 to the PDC, the grenade can distinguish when an “TAG’ed” ally comes into range, thus discontinuing to fire in the direction of the ally. The tag can be a shepherd chip, tracking beacon, or on person computer so long as the device is emitting the right codes and the grenade is programmed to accept them.


Laser Grenade

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