Gravidic Underwater Breathing Apparatus


Descrition and benefits: The GUBA, or Gravidic Underwater
Breathing Apparatus, has a chest pack, backpack, and full face mask.
It is full of sensors and computer that all work together to keep a
user safe and generally comfortable.

The chest section hold the nitrogen (up to 30 hours) and H2O separator, which separates water molecules from H2O to H and O and O. the oxygen is added to the nitrogen mix properly for human breathing. The hydrogen is used to make power for the Gravidic Capacitors, or “GC’s,” that hold the nitrogen.

The back section contains an environment generator, and Gravidic Capacitors. This GC acts as the buoyancy compensation and the portable environment generator keeps the area around the user comfortable. The rig also changes the pressure of the water immediately around the user to 1.1 bar (about 5 feat deep in water on earth). If the user exceeds 30 feet deep, the GC then off sets the pressure as it goes down by 25’ plus a percentage set by the user as she descends. The higher the GC is set, the lower she can go without being crushed, but on the flip side, the battery drains faster. (see the chart that Phillip Cash has made).

The full face mask (FFM) uses a HUD to provide the user with information about the condition of the equipment, the water conditions both inside the “bubble” and out, and location information using GPS and reletive locations to way points and other divers. A com-link keeps her in contact with others and the user can talk and breath normally. The FFM uses a low tech nanite colony to bind the sealing surface of the mask to the users skin to keep water from getting in (a push button operation).

The rig also sports a number of load bearing D rings for users to clip thins into; a waterproof writing tablet for notes; a ceramic, blunt tip (for safety) knife for cutting lines that pose tangling dangers; wrist mounted, head mounted and back mounted lights; and fins to aid in swimming (provide a +2 to swim checks and + 5’ to swim speed). The rig comes with a Dry Suit, but is designed to be placed over any clothing or armor.

Note: With this rig, the user never has to worry about The Bends, as it will regulate the change in pressure even as the use ascends (unless the user breaches the surface). For more info on The Bends, see this wiki.

Special: with 30 minutes of work (Craft: Mech and Elec DC 20) and the addition of a compression suit and oxygen tank, this can also be used for space walking or otherwise low atmosphere conditions. The rig lasts for 1/3 the time under these conditions. The suit does not provide any armor bonus, but does incur a – 1 armor check penalty that is not doubled for use in water.

Approximate Purchase DC: 24
Restrictions: None



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