Gravidic Assisted Refrigerated System

A gravity age solution to refrigeration


     Gravidic manipulators fine tuned to effect matter at a thermal level have proven to be very effective in refrigeration. The devices are much smaller than their chemical counterparts for the same effectiveness and do not require the use of toxic gases. The technology comes in many different forms: Rods, cylinders, torres’, plates, sheets, and blocks. They come from being pencil sized for casual picnic to filling 3 story buildings used for industrial use.

     The technology works in two ways. First by creating a thermal “barrier” that resists thermal change to the material inside from the outside environment. The second is to pull out the thermal energy and exhaust it to the outside environment. The effectiveness of the device depends on the size, and at least 30% of it must be exposed to the outside environment. The gadget can cool anything within its given limits to -100F. Battery operated devices typically can sustain the temperature for 48 hours so long as the out side temperature does not exceed + 200F. If the temperature does exceed 200F, then the battery must work 10% harder for every 20 degrees Fahrenheit above 200F.

The effectiveness of a grav. frige. is read in a ratio::

mass of the garv. fridge : mass of the material.

Size of Grav. Frige. Ratio Approximate Device Mass Examples of Device Mass
Deminuative 1:1 One Ounce Pencil
Tiny 1:3 One Pound Dinner Plate
Small 1:4 Ten Pounds Big Lamp
Medium 1:5 100 Pounds Book Shelf with Books
Large 1:6 Two Tons Full Mini Van
Huge 1:8 Ten Tons Full Trash Truck
Gargantuan 1:10 100 Tons Passenger Train
Colossal 1:15 1000 Tons 5 Story Building

     The effect of a grav. frige. can be reversed by turning the device around and making a DC 20 repair check to change the direction of the thermal barrier. The Tolerable range becomes -50 Fahrenheit with 10% less effectiveness per 5 Degrees Fahrenheit.


Gravidic Assisted Refrigerated System

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