Auto Snow and Ice Shelter (Auto-Igloo)

emergency stealthy snow shelter


The Auto Snow and Ice Shelter, commonly incorrectly referred to as the Auto Igloo, This small device weighing in at 3.5 lbs has enough power to create an ice shelter for up to 4 people. when needed, it can be programmed with the number of people using it, then just be thrown on the snow without regard to the conditions of the snow. it senses the area and then either indicates that there is not enough room for the cave, or starts to burrow sideways and at a slant into the snow. in 20 minuets (+5 minutes for every person after the first) there is a snow cave ready for the programmed number of people. the floor is textured to prevent slipping and the walls and ceiling are sturdy.
This device works by using a combination of low tech nanites, lasers, and a miniature environmental generator. it will heat and chill the snow/ice until it all gets to the right size. being so small and light, this device only has enough energy for one use, no matter how many people it is programmed for. While in the ice cave, occupants gain a +10 to fort saves to resist becoming hypothermic.


This device was originally intended for colonist use, but once rescue services, military and mountaineers found out about it, they all wanted something so small and simple to use.
Used first in late PL6 it served as an easy way to get out of the harsh environments of unknown worlds and stay hidden from the beasts that had natural IR sight. still used today but in much smaller and faster at working, it takes the top of the charts in number of lives saved in in freezing conditions. Rescue operators will use once they get to a victim in freezing conditions, then pull one out and wait for a storm to pass or dangerous animals to move on.

Auto Snow and Ice Shelter (Auto-Igloo)

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