Mauricia Mir

Inquisitive new mental health specialist aboard the Watermark.















  1. Smart Hero
  2. Dedicated Hero
  3. Charismatic Hero
  4. Telepath


Needler Pistol: +3
p. Primary Weapon Dmg: 2d4


Possessed of a ravening curiosity of the human state, Mauricia Mir would much rather observe and be immersed in the mind of another than to talk about herself. If one were to ask, however—and express genuine interest—they could find out that she grew up as an only child in a home with two emotionally detached parents and a sickly rat terrier named Badger that lived much longer than any dog should have been able. She might smile fondly at the irony of the little fellow’s name, which neither of her humorless begetters would have thought to bestow, lest somebody crack a smile at their expense (Badger had been a gift for little Mauricia’s eighth birthday, given by her sweet but somewhat daft Gramma Lily; how her mother could possibly have been of Lily’s blood, Mauricia still can’t understand). She might talk about how little Jocelyn and Cadel Mir thought of the natural mental gift of their “Crystal Colony,” deferring instead to “actual human brainpower,” their term for the inherent intelligence of those without psionic ability. If pressed a little, Mauricia may tell how she feels the natural abilities of her people are gifts that enhance their enjoyment of life and should be appreciated, a conviction that has driven her to gobble up as many forms of reference on the subject as she can get her hands on (to the dismay of Jocelyn and Cadel). She may share her all-consuming fascination with and discoveries on the ways people work in themselves and with one another, her hopes for the continued survival of her species in all its current and future forms, and even her fears caused by its inclinations toward war, petty squabbling and dissent that have caused so much grief and pain and death among all the worlds. She might say that she sees any man who destroys as many people as he disagrees with to make a point is ultimately biting himself in the ass for so many reasons, but…people tend not to ask.

Mauricia Mir

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