Charles Timothy Eamon

Medic, Mechanic, Marksman. If it doesn't move and it should, he'll fix it. If it moves and it shouldn't, he'll fix it.


Human (Duh)
Height: 5’10
Weight: 175lb
Build: Medium
Eyes: Green
Hair Color: Auburn
Skin: White/tan
Hair style: 2”, just longer than regulation. Messy most of the time.
Piercings: None
Tattoos: Chain of .50BMG around his right bicep. Ring of interlocking gears around his left bicep.
Clothing Style: (Right this moment: Biohazard armor or whatever/tactical vest+BDUs) Holy jeans, hiking boots, t-shirts. Wears uniform when it’s required. Otherwise avoids it like the plague.


Hailing from the farming colony of Cinneas, Charles is a good-natured country boy with a knack for taking things apart and putting them back together. When not on mission, he splits his time up between maintenance and craftsmanship. He loves to tinker with machinery, specifically firearms, and has a specific preference for technology and clothing from the Information Age (with some more current elements thrown in here or there.) That said, he’s been known to fix things beyond the technology level he grew up with. It’s almost as though he’s got an instinct for making things work.

His diversification is due to the militia practices on his home planet, where all men and women of a specific age range had to have several important military skills so they could all overlap in the event of an invasion. They were also required to have maritime jobs. His particular skill sets are marksmanship, firearm maintenance, emergency medical services, and gunsmithing.

He’s a recent transfer from Charlie 5, being one of the only two survivors of that unit, and has yet to really adjust to or bond with his new squadmates.

Charles Timothy Eamon

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