The Lost

Under Their Noses

Planet of Hate

Day One

Dropped on the planet x miles from ruins
attacked by strange “dog like” creatures dubbed “Kaemen”
first ruins had skeletal remains of humanoid creatures
ruins had chambers
“tag” left behind for us to find again
make camp and wait for morning.

Day Two

a nearby mountain seems to have an unusual metallic signature in the side of it. we move closer to investigate
the swamp like terrain is very hard to get through.
we eventually stop to change out the tires for tracks.
several forms of indiginous plant life that seems “odd” are collected for us to analyze later.
second set of ruins that appear to be an outpost or hunters cabin.
cabin had a hidden chamber beneath it that was sealed with a rock and melted from the inside preventing the occupants from leaving.
one of the skeletons was a ranik. clearly been there a very long time.
we made camp there.

Day Three

small leach like creature is discovered that boroughs into its victim “gubber sharks.”
a clawed creature that can breakate is seen.
we collect a sample of the leach and the odd oil its leaves behind.
once at the base of the mountain we made our way to the odd signal on foot.
turns out to be a ranik ship that crashed many years ago.
only the rear section was intacted enough or us to get things from
a gravidic controller was left on, but was not functioning. the power was cut and the data vices were collected.
an odd device was found in a secret compartment that is nothing like the ranik tech.
we make camp again

Day Four

we are awoken by a fight between kaemen that is quickly over, but a taradactal like creature comes in and drives the remaining kaemen to us. we fight them off fairly easy. turns out those kaemen were inffected by the gubber sharks. after killing those the taradactile attacks us and we eventually kill it. it falls into a stream and is quickly overtaken by gubber sharks.
we call for the ship at great risk to exposing our location, but there is no way we could get back to the rendezvous on time.



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