The Lost

Just another day in the zombie filled office

It lurks in the darkness, and so do we!

Drone Assistant Action Log::

(Log of hostiles created)

0903. The team begins to execute the plan to secure the first floor. [two drone assigned to follow special target]. You make your way to the north-west entrance to the shuttle bay and send in a drone to see what is there. A strange form of the new creatures is spotted. It begins to send slugs into the other door. You and Gyre stay to seal this door while the others run to intercept the slugs before they get too many in.

0915. The door is sealed and the other doors are being sealed after the team fought off the slugs. [drone destroyed by friendly grenade] While in the cargo hold for the first floor, you find a large stash of base and some materials to fashion a dispensing system to be held on people’s backs and one hand held system. Atose (Mecha), Beast, and Anastas (hand held) each take a system. With the doors to the rest of the floor apparently being sealed by special target you make a new plan to use the stair well to get to the 3rd floor. At this time, it is realized that the drones following the special target are bound.

0932. Shamblers, Jumpers, and some slugs are headed down the halls to the cargo room. We back up to the stair well and make for the lower floors. * * * * CLASSIFIED DETAILS * * * *

[Jamming signal detected. Relay line forming to reestablish communications with Watermark]

1006. Walter Hammond “drops in” and helps fight of some of the hostiles, including the stealthy reapers. You make your way to the 5th sub level. This time you can move quickly with little resistance. When you get to the server room, two reapers are seen on the ceiling. They are killed and you enter the server room. Nothing is in there except the skeleton of a scientist and a very clean, very old time computer bay.

1020. You hack into the terminal and power up an old recorder device from the scientist. You gain access to the needed files and begin to get access codes to the fifth floor and try to find some footage and logs about what happened there. Also gain information on where the physical disconnects are for the security systems and power.



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