The Lost

Journal of Charles Eamon

If it doesn't move and it should, I'll fix it. If it moves and it shouldn't, I'll fix it.

Day 1 (actual dates to be added later).

Difficult getting used to the crowd here. Everyone looks at me like I’m some sort of hillbilly erse until I gab something like “Anterior-superior iliac crest”, and then they have to pick their jaws off the floor because I ken basic anatomical terminology.
I knew I’d stick out like a sore thumb, but I didn’t expect to have everyone thinking I’m some sort of numpty who stumbled onto the ship. Well, they’ll just have to get over it. Hell, I have to get over the baltic temp they keep the ship at. All they got to do is get used to my accent.

Ps. Auto-correct can die and go to a special place in Hell. Yes, I meant “erse”, now stop telling me to spell it like a Londoner.

Day 3

I didn’t actually expect to be able to keep a log. Usually too dead busy to find time for more than mission reports between my hobbies. Speaking of which, I think I’ve figured out some good gadgets to cook up for my team. Probably won’t touch this log for a while – except I guess for that one page with the schematic I doodled, pure craziness. I think if I got some spare servos and

(the next fifteen pages consist of scribbles and vaguely readable mechanical terminology.)

Day (Uhh, how many days have I been on this ship? It’s not chanking cold anymore, so… a while I guess.)

Almost finished with Jennings’ new SMG. He’ll be the first of my teammates to learn the dulion craftsmanship of a Cinnaen gunsmith! If evil laughter could truly be contained in written form…
In all seriousness, though, he’s gonna love this crap. Smooth trigger pull, recoil cancellation, upped the caliber for extra stopping power. I just might keep this thing when I’m done. I guess it’ll have to wait until after tomorrow. Mission or something I guess.

Day ( )

Petty Officer First Class Akio Iwata – Squad demo expert. Sharp mind, nimble fingers. He didn’t talk much, but when he did, it was best to shut up and listen to him. He grew up on earth and picked up his trade in the military. Hell, the guy picked up just about everything. He was going to start taking machining training so he could get custom gear like mine.
Went down when the hoard flanked us; Tommy shot the bastards off of him, but… All I could do was make sure we had something to remember him by.

Lieutenant Thomas “Tommy” Daniels – Squad lead, nerves stronger than any man’s armor. I still admire the man’s loyalty to his cause. I’m sure that if the TPC ordered him to march into the bowels of hell, he’d go without a second thought. I’m sure we’d all have followed him there, too. Why? Because we did. Your dad better as hell be proud of you now.
It turns out spirit isn’t enough to stop whipping scythes. Three-round-burst does the job, though. I made sure it went down, L-T.

Chief Petty Officer Richard Dominic – Squad technician. We didn’t have much in common. You were a city kid, never knew an honest day’s work until your parents sent you to military school… but you learned. You seemed to make a hobby out of proving me wrong. I just wish you could have kept your streak going long enough to prove me wrong when I thought you were done for.
Rest in peace, Dominic.

Chief Petty Officer Michael Jennings – Squad CQB expert. I’m sorry. I couldn’t grab your tags. I wasn’t fast enough for it. I couldn’t improve your odds with the gun I was making for you… I guess I wasn’t fast enough for that either. I hope Atos got the bastert that robbed you of your escape.

Rio Chaves – Squad Fire Support. It should’ve been me. I don’t know what else to say. You were so damn close, but we were too deaf to hear the leaper coming. I’m glad that I could spend time shooting at the range with you. I’m not sure why they’d saddle an expert marksman with an LMG, but you made it work.

You all fought valiantly to the end.
No one deserves to die in a place like that…

Command says that I’ve been promoted to Charlie 5’s leader spot until it’s decided what will become of the squad. Ha, me, commanding a squad? That’s a load of crap. Everyone knows Charlie 5 is finished. It’s just Lowjack and me now, and no one’s going to want to transfer to a squad that got its roster wiped. I guess I’ll just have to wait of reassignment.

Thank God for dogs. Eithne can’t possibly know what happened, but she knows me well enough to try and cheer me up.

I have a hangover roughly the size of Jupiter’s 3rd moon (what the hell is that called again?). Clearly, it’s time for breakfast…



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