The Lost

"The Beast" Journal Entry

We need more practice

Day 36 ( April 3rd ):
First mission – while en route back to the ship:
Today we arrived at Randos 1. The ship’s mission was to get some information about this planet. I guess they lost contact with it a while back and were wondering what exactly happened. So Alpha and Bravo team were sent down to the planet and Charlie team stayed on the ship to drop in whenever we were needed. When the other teams got down there, they started seeing some weird mutant things, which turned out to be hostile. Alpha saw the first Ranik on the planet. We were called in to secure some disease control building, so we dropped in hot. Once we were on the surface, we had to fight our way into the building. Inside the building we found even more of these mutants and we saw one Ranik who ran away, but he seemed to be guarding another dead Ranik. When we searched around this Ranik, we found one of their weapons, so we took it. We explored the rest of the first floor and fought some slug like mutant things, they were really gross. And they were being thrown at us by this thing that looked like a bunch of bodies joined together, weird. Then as we were moving out, we saw the Ranik that had ran away, but he didn’t seem to be hostile, so we followed him. He took us to a room with some more dead Ranik, and it looked like he had killed them. After some difficult communication, we figured out that they were mutating, and that is why he killed them. Dexter used his holographic wrist thing to communicate locations with the Ranik who pointed out a spot in the building that was next to where we were going, so we moved out.

As we were leaving that room, Hammond came blasting through the roof right into the middle of a group of mutants as we were about to open fire. He did not communicate with us on this plan and just did what he wanted because he thought that it would make him look good. Later, I told him how stupid this was. After that, we moved down to a server room where the techies got information and stuff. Then we blasted our way out of that room because a bunch of the mutants had gathered around the door. We ran to the room that had the case that we needed to get, I think it had some kind of virus or something in it. When we get there, we run into a really big mutant, so we form a firing line. We shoot it as it runs to us, but it is able to reach our front line, where I was. After the stupid “Throw Gun” wouldn’t work, I pulled out my hammer and helped finish it. While we were fighting that one, another came through the floor behind us and got Mercer. Also, there were mutants coming through the hallway behind us. And another Charlie team was in the building and they tried to buy us some time. After we dealt with all of the mutants, the Ranik took a bunch of explosives and ran into a room where it blew up a mutant that seemed to be able to control stuff with its mind. I’m glad I didn’t have to fight it. We were able to take two of the Ranik’s laser sword things, which are really cool.

We lost a lot of men, not just Mercer, but most of that other Charlie team as well. I’m not sure how the other teams did, but I think that we need to practice together a lot more. When we get back on the ship, I am going to go to the gym for the after mission exercises, I wonder if the rest of my team will join me, or if they will be doing their own training.



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