The Lost

T: -12hrs

What happened on Earth, stays on Earth

As the Water Mark is warming up for pre-flight (the longest pre-flight known to man) most of the crew is enjoying their last day before an indefinite mission. That is, except for Fire Team: Charlie-2. They are summoned by their fire teams captain, Glazove, to show up at a meat and shoot on Earth. Glazove must have still had some of his brain still in deep freeze when givnig that order. No one was happy to give their last few hours before disembarking for God knows how long! Everyone shows up, most of them on time, except Jewels. He is reported as logged in, but cannot be found. The lieutenant, Silias, goes to look for him, but ends up missing himself. Glazove takes advantage of the situation and tells his people to start looking for for the renegade and the lieutenant. oh, and this AWOL Defiant colonist happens to be an assassin. Using war game tech and baiting the rest of his team into taking a specific rout, Jewels manages to get Glazove in the neck with a sniper shot. He then gives him self up in light of the mass of robots bearing down on his now revealed location, complements “The Beast” on his staying power, and explains his disapproval with the command and his desire to not be on the Water Mark mission. Glozove cares little for Jewel’s lament and is concerned with the illegal approach, especially tampering with the groups equipment (a Mecha) while it was under lock and key. The group gets a few drinks together. Some then head to Europe to enjoy some tourism, while others get back to the ship. During all of this, the GIB keeps a close eye on the situation from above…


500 exp for training
250 to Mauricia and Jacob for media interviews

T: -12hrs

Good job. You were able to summarized a lot of information in a short post. My thanks for the great start. A few things: the tense shifts a couple time; It goes for a present tense to past tense which is a bit jarring, A few of the names are off; I think this was posted before their names though, and there are a few sentence boundary errors.

T: -12hrs

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