The Lost

Arterial Motives

current ark

The TPE Watermark has visited three planets since Randos 1. Belladonna, a swampy world around a solar-analog, had its colony wiped out by some, as yet to be determined, conflict. Speculations range from a black-ops strike during the colony’s war to internal conflict or a Ranik attack. [kanji] (still wind) initially greeted the Watermark and asked to enter into negotiations for admittance into the TPC. The diplomatic team, as per deployment protocols, was never congregated in a single place nor were they without armed guard. As a show of good faith, the armed detail was kept minimalistic. A portion of the diplomatic detail was captured armed assailants. The government of [kanji] (still wind) did not take credit for the attack and offered to move the remaining diplomats to hardened bunkers. Drake was uncomfortable with placing his personnel’s safety in such unproven allies. He agreed to start moving the personnel to bunkers but moved stealthed units into position to take the remaining diplomats off planet. This proved to be an appropriate decision, as the Government of [kanji] (still wind) proved to be behind the first attack. Drake gave the command to forcefully extract the remaining diplomats and sent a special ops team in to find and recover the remaining diplomats. The watermark stayed within the atmosphere and fought off aerial threats in order to allow the ops team to progress without the threat of air support. The missing diplomats were found already dead, the ops team was recovered, and the Watermark retreated to space and destroyed the satellite defenses of the planet. The scrap was recovered in order to deny [kanji] (still wind) from rapidly rebuilding their defenses. Neue Frankfurt, a relatively arid planet orbiting a solar-twin, was found, and the colony was decimated. Evidence found within to the colony suggested that the attack was decades old and Ranik in origin. The TPE Watermark stayed for some time in order to do full repairs and collect needed resources.



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